Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Red Neds Pie Bar, Nelson Bay

How does Ostrich in coconut cream, sundried tomato and parmesan sound to you? Or maybe you prefer Crocodile in parsley, shallots, and white wine sauce or Scallops & Prawn in honey lime & chilli sauce. Well Red Neds does it pie form.

Weh-weh, MiniB and I spent the week in Nelson Bay and I’m so bummed that we only discovered Red Neds on the last day of our stay.

Red Neds pie bar is labelled to be one of Australia’s top pie establishments and the wallpaper of awards, accolades, and articles truly showed that they’re number one when it comes to pies. With over 50 varieties of pies baked on the premises, master pie maker Barry “Red Ned” Kelly, prides in using the freshest ingredients (yearling beef sourced from the Hunter Valley regions) and boy does it show in his pies. Not only is the menu unique, and the ingredients are fresh, the pie designs look pretty awesome too - check them out on their website.

Weh-weh went for the Kangaroo with leeks and mushrooms in Teriyaki sauce and was surprised that the flavours blended very well. Firm tender chunks of kangaroo mixed the sweetness of the Teriyaki sauce and subtle hint of the leek coming through all encased in perfectly crisp and flakey pastry.

Being by the seaside I had to try the Garlic Prawns pie. Good sized whole pieces of prawns beautifully combined with leeks, carrots and good slices of roasted garlic – mmmm!! At first I thought a cream sauce may be too rich but it really combined will with the garlic.

Next time, the thought of having pies for breakfast, lunch and tea to try all of Red Neds 50 varieties of pies is good reason to go back to Nelson Bay. As their motto goes "I'd kill for a Red Neds pie".

Oh and here’s a few happy snaps of attractions we did around the Bay (The Bay & Beach, Feeding our animal friends @ Oakvale Fauna World, and feeding and patting Sharks & Rays @ the Shark Centre).

Till next time...we eat!!



  1. hahaha their motto is great! I'd kill for a red ned's pie too! GOURMET PIES ARE THE BEST!

  2. Wow..they look much more adventurous and creative than pie in the sky! It looks worth a trip to NB to have one. I will look it up next visit.

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  4. That pastry looks and your description sounds superb! I can taste one now! I only hope you didn't let it go too cold taking those photos! : )

  5. Hi K - Yeah the mottos cool lol!! I love a good Gourmet Pie.

    Hi HB - I heard that Red Neds and Pie in the Sky have come head-to-head in a few pie comps. Definitely check it out the next time you up there and let me know what you think.

    Hi Anonymous - thanks for the tip, I'd definitely to give the Ned Kelly pie a try next time I'm in VIC.

    Hi GB - Pastry would be up there with the best...delicious, not too greasy. Still getting used to taking pics before eating but temp was fine :)

  6. Wow! excellent presentation! Mouth-watering indeed!

  7. Hi cheap sweets, thanks very much that's nice of you to say & yes the pies were indeed mouth watering!! Btw love your website, you've got some really cool sweets (chocolate crayons, raspberry fizz, happy tattoo bubblegum - I'll have to try and check those out - YUM!!). Check out my March 08 blog on Chocolate you know what the centre's are made of? :)