Saturday, July 25, 2009

Masterchef Challenge

It hasn’t even been a week yet and I’m already having Masterchef withdrawls and suddenly finding 7pm tv a bit boring. In honor of a very successful 1st series of Masterchef Australia your challenge is to name the 7 ingredients of the mystery dish below…..


Several suspending ad-breaks later along with a long pause of dramatic music. George yells out “There’s no port in Gary’s Beef Bourguignon” or in Sprinters Beef Bourguignon flavoured chips for that matter.

I love finding different, out of the ordinary, weird and wonderful, strange but intriguing food items in Asian / foreign food stores. On this occasion my venture point took me to aisles of Aldi during my lunch break.

At first taste, as you could imagine from the answers below, it was a bit strange. Subtle tomatoey, and herby flavours came through with a surprising aftertaste of slow cooker meat. The chip was fragrant with smells of sweet praprika, and certainly no traces of any port. Texture was crisp and crunchy as expected and not very oily. As I’m usually quite ravenous with hunger after work I wasn’t going let an exotic flavour enhancer get the better of my taste buds – nom nom nom!! Admittedly though, I didn’t mind the taste at all.

I also found it quite bizarre to have a French flavoured chip, made in Malaysia, sold by Germans in Australia!!

Rumors are that due to the phenomenal success of Masterchef they’ll be airing Celebrity Masterchef at the end of the year - bring it on brother!!.

Till next time … we eat!!



  1. You crack me up Shanks...very amusing! I miss MC too.

  2. “There’s no port in Gary’s Beef Bourguignon” hehe. I reckon do a taste test of how many Numbers are in your processed food munchies with your friends and see who can guess the correct numbers.

  3. Since when does "no port beef bourguignon" contain soy,milk or fish? hehe, great post, made me laugh out loud.

  4. Hi HB, Thx, I hear the celebrities for celebrity MC are very average b-listers. Paul Robinson from neighbours?!!

    Hi Simon, yeah..apparently there isn't any "port in Gary's Beef Bourguignon" lol. What a great idea for a party game - not sure how you'd feel the day after all processed foods :)

    Hi Yaya, That was the twist in my MC challenge - he he. Thx, pity it didn't get much air time :)