Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pineapple Flavoured Twisties? You Bet!

Well they look like Twisties, nobbly, yellow, crispy ...

But a slightly closer look reveals a texture that's a little bit more "coated" than your average Twistie. Now if only blogs had aroma attached! Oh well, we'll have to do it visually!

Okay, you're right, I knew right from the beginning that they wouldn't taste like Twisties - the big pineaple on the pack was a bit of a giveaway. Oh and the "Fruity Series" graphic! : )

And so continues my review of interesting Asian snackfoods! Here's the obligatory mascot ...

And the ingredients panel with no evidence of anything related to regular food ...

And the fascinatingly descriptive name of the product ...

Put it all together and you get pineapple flavoured Twistie-like snacks.

So what did they taste like? An interesting tart but sweet yet a touch salty. The closest thing I can equate it with is a chinese preserved lemon peel in taste but crisp. Would I buy them again? Probably not but they sure made me crave some real Twisties! : )


  1. They weren't too bad actually, would have been nice dipped in whipped cream but you couldn't eat a lot of them the way you can down an entire bag of twisties!

  2. Haha pineapple chips! How very strange (but at the same time intriguing and would I try some? you bet!)

  3. It's interesting but not right! There doesn't seem to be any actual pineapple in the packet either (but flavour enhancer 621 [MSG] is well represented).

  4. Oh - my - goodness ! How funny. Where on EARTH do you find these things????

  5. HB, these things seem to find me! He he!

  6. calbee > twisties any day of the week! not sure about pineapple flavour tho! LOL

  7. interesting. i wonder if i could find these here.