Friday, November 6, 2009

Foodie things I LOVED in October! we are, another month gone, and another four weeks of foodie joy! Here is a list of the things I have enjoyed in October......ONE : MOONCAKES at Ya Ya's house. Tiramisu, Mango and other flavours..all yum, and loved by the kids and adults alike. When I used to travel to Asia pre-kids, we always had to plan our business trips around double ten. The Chinese factories would just close down as all of their workers travelled home for the moon festival. Very important, and I can see why..they were all rushing home for the Moon cakes! TWO : Beerenberg African Spice Taka Tala Chutney. Mmmmmmm. Great with all meats, nice with fried eggs as well! A new fave in our household. Easily found in Thomas Dux, or good butcheries, I've also tried the Coopers Ale BBQ sauce, but this remains our fave so far. THREE : Pettersons Piccolo Blush Champagne. Brought home for me by one of my dearest friends from a Hunter Valley jaunt with the girls. Pity I couldn't have convinced her to also bring back some hand made choccies from the chocolateria next door as well!! I love Pettersons, their sparkling range of wines are beautiful and a real treat so whenever you find yourself passing through the Hunter Valley, make sure you allocate some time for tasting and buying. The location is stunning, the tasting room has a beautiful ambience. Cute, pink, and in its own little jacket...delicious indeed! FOUR : Sweet Soy Ribs from our favourite local Korean Grocer. Yum Yum Yum...perfect for the bbq, and loved by all family members. Chewing the meat from those bones is great fun. FIVE : Pure Natural HONEY. On a recent jaunt to Seaworld on the Gold Coast, we arrived at breakfast pre-conference. I was delighted to find amongst the usual hash browns, crispy bacon and soggy eggs....a perspex box, with a honeycomb inside, tilted so that as it melted, the pure honey dripped down the stainless steel spout into a waiting bowl, to be used on your breakfast, or toast as you pleased. An absolute pleasure to look at and to eat! Damn it tasted good. SIX : Crab and XO Dumplings from the New Shanghai Kitchen at Chatswood. Hand made, you can watch them doing them, they are light, tasty and just right for a quick work lunch. SEVEN : Not food, but a very natty parfait spoon. Perfect for mixed milk drinks, it can be used to mix the powder, and then as a straw! Great design..these ones have great retro appeal and were picked up by my friend (the lovely one who feeds me champagne from the Hunter!) at a white elephant stall. Apparently they are just like the ones she had as a kid. I WANT THEM badly and my kids love them! EIGHT : Again, not exactly a food item, but it smells so delicious, you want to eat beautiful Vanilla and Caramel scented candle by Tahaa is simply divine! A thank you gift for photographing a friends party..I've burnt it every night and the smell permeates the house in fabulous fashion. It makes me hungry just thinking of it. NINE : ANYTHING from La Rennaissance Patisserie at the Rocks. Sweet or savoury, it is a pleasure just going in for a look. Beautiful pasteries, pies, friands and macaroons, not to mention a great courtyard with great Parisienne charm out the back. TEN : my quirky and fab, Earthquake mints from Los Angeles. Brought back as a gift from a work colleague, they are small, strong and look like little pills. Great packaging and fun to eat, a perfect lifesaver for those business meetings where you need fresh breath! I have been lucky enough to have so many things to enjoy this month...bring on NOVEMBER I say! Happi Eating!


  1. I'm loving lots of those items too! The Mooncakes, Beerenberg, dumplings and La Renaissance :)

  2. You can get the metal straw/spoons at Max Brenner. I'm not sure if they're sold separately but we got them with their hot chocolate cups.