Tuesday, December 8, 2009

XIC LO Vietnemese Noodle Bar - Chatswood

Another day, another quick lunch..where today? Xic Lo Chatswood! The mad greek and myself often leave the office, on a mission to find food...QUICK. We don't stray too far from the office, but if we do, then we need to find a place that serves quickly so we can get back to the office and back on the job. We have eyed off Xic Lo a few times, and today we visited for the second time in a month. Found in Spring Street Chatswood, it sits next to Tims BBQ and the Gourmet salad bar on the corner. The decor is utilitarian, the clientele is mixed, and the food is always consistent, fast, well prices, FRESH, and steaming. The first visit we were right in the middle of the lunch rush. Nearly every table was full, but the turnover was fast. We sat straight away, were given a menu, and the waitress kept a very keen eye on us as we checked the menu and the second we made our decisions, she was by our side with notebook in hand. The mad greek ordered a crispy skinned chicken and rice (com ga da don) for $10.50 which came with white rice or tomato rice, soup and salad. Incredibly good value and very filling, even for hungry girls like us. I tried the clear noodle soup with prawns, fish, squid and chicken (hu tiu do bien) $11.00. Served with the freshest been shoots on the side, we drank hot tea (pre brewed in a pressure pot on the tables) and took our time trying to finish our respective meals whilst listening to the chopping sounds coming from the kitchen, and lively conversations in the tables nearby. We ate up and left whilst checking out the pre-prepared glasses of rainbow drinks in the glass counter at the cash register. All boxes were ticked, fast food, yummy and cheap. On our return visit, we were late from a meeting and missed the lunch rush, so walked in, sat down in relative quiet, but still had the hawk-eyed waitress rushing to attention as soon as we looked like we had made our decisions. Today, the mad greek had the spring rolls with vermicelli (bun cha gio) for $10.50. It was served in a huge bowl, with shredded green salad, top dressed with fish sauce and roasted peanuts. The spring rolls were chopped up on top of the rice, the dressing served separately, and again, it was a huge meal and good value, dished up fast. It was a really hot day, so I decided to have the summer rolls (always a fave) with vermicelli (bun goi cuon) for $10.50. We again, had tea, and really enjoyed the fresh flavours and quick friendly service. Again, we looked at the health drinks, and rainbow drink glasses pre-set up with jelly and assorted goodies. Neither were really interested in the mung bean concoctions, but liked the look of them lined up ready for hungry customers. Back to the office we walked off the food, happy and sated once again! We'll definitely put it on the go to list, its cheaper than some of the terrible meals on offer at the local mall food hall, so there is no reason not to be back in the next little while. Might bring the others next time! Happi Eating!


  1. This is a chain but the food is always yummy and fast! Try the pork chop and broken rice next time!

  2. Hehe I really felt how your waitress rushed you! Sometimes that's good but sometimes I just want to relax :)

  3. YY : you seem to be right! Both times was yum.
    GGBB: I'm with ya there....
    NQN : this certainly ain't a "relaxing" joint. More the "fast and furious" kind! Love it.