Monday, April 9, 2012

Promises, promises!


Confession: I work in the advertising industry. I recognise a unique selling benefit and I have been guilty of using them from time to time. I have seen claims which I have thought were borderline but knowing how stringently the Australian broadcasting standards are policed, was relatively confident that if a product promised to work, it would.

You will understand then, why I was drawn to this particular package:

The claim this package makes ...

 ... after claim ...

 ... after ridiculous claim ...
 ... each one more outrageous than the last ...

... including the mandatory ingredients list ...

 ... means you could be forgiven for thinking you were buying anything but a simple pack of pistachio nuts.  Thank goodness for the cellophane window!
I have yet to open these to be sure they aren't almond-cashew-broadbean-flavoured pistachio nuts. My guess is that the artwork was commissioned on the cheap and as long as it looks good ...  :D


  1. That's hilarious! Enjoy them, haha.

  2. Hahahaha I did have a good laugh at that.. Lol

  3. Wait, if the aftertaste is so good, why do you need a whole packet? And does that mean you will never have a clean palate after eating them?

  4. LOL that packaging is hilarious! The other day I saw a packet of fish balls that said "The brand that Asians like the most!" :P

  5. This is so true and common in Asian groceries!

    I get really annoyed when I look at the ingredients list to find it is completely different that what I (think) I am buying.

    They need to reinforce stricter policies! >_<

  6. Hot sell the good taste LOL :D
    I <3 pistachios though, they are the noms of the nut noms world!