Monday, November 12, 2012

Directions to Sakai Yusuke knife shop

After many requests for directions to Sakai Yusuke knife shop, I've decided to post some maps so all you knife enthusiasts can go find the blade of your dreams.

1) Make your way to Osaka, Japan.

2) Proceed to Nanba train station and catch a train towards the knife making town of Sakai.

3) Get off at Shichido station and walk to Ayanocho tram station (about a 15 min walk / approx 800m)

4) 50 meters down the Kishu Hwy, you will find the Sakai Yusuke knife shop on the eastern side of the  Kishu Hwy (it's the one with purple sign in the window).

Happy knife shopping!

Images are obviously courtesy of Google Maps.


  1. Ahh, MSG, the shop should be paying you a percentage, or would you rather take it in knives, hehe!

  2. Great directions as it can often be hard to find things in Japan, even if you do have the address in Japanese and ask directions!

  3. Oh that is brilliant! Directions are so hard to find in Japan!