Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm on the right track baby, I was born this way, hey.

On a train. Her dream:
Friend throws a fish in a bun,
shouts, "You've betrayed me!"

A happy birthday,
to you and you. Oh, and you!
At Universal,

where spice rainbows form.
Three savouries and one sweet.
Select a la carte.

Quail, pork sausages;
Angry limes flip us the bird
to three out of four

Bland cheese fog descends,
on rabbits in deconstructed forests
A light cloud no more.

Flathead comes for air,
Black pepper pool stings with salt
Time to trek on.

I normally hear,
"ooh, I want what she's having"
Sigh, that's now my line.

Ooh, "gaytime goes nuts"
childhood memories invoked.
Pot of gold at last?

Seek redemption of
past indiscretions I pray.
A perfect balance.

Crisp choc fortress,
What honeycomb guard?

Wonderful mocktails,
Secrets hold out till the end..
Adventure complete.

Some other dishes,
More favourable than mine,
Caption comp time - GO!