Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I have always been intrigued by my favourite dinosaur's obsession with Rosie Tea, and wondered about its taste. Now, everyone loves roses, not just dinosaurs and pirates, so I'm not surprised that the "idea" of it was very attractive to me. I have to say though that I didn't really think it existed, I simply thought it was a figment of the Wiggles imagination. Imagine how excited I was to notice a pack of Flower Wish Rose Tea in my local Asian supermarket while waiting at the check out and I snapped up a packet immediately!

How could I resist the bag as it was packed full of lovely little wine coloured rosebuds - very pretty indeed. Even if I didn't like the flavour, the novelty of brewing these little delights was worth it. I turned the packet over and was gratified to find that not only is the rose regarded as a symbol of beauty and the messenger of love (this perhaps explains why Dorothy and Captain Feathersword LOVE it so much), this tea also helps to promote blood circulation, eliminate weariness, nourish the liver and promote metabolism! Everything the doctor ordered! I was on a winner here. At home I began my own little tea ceremony, getting out my dainty teacup and my favourite little teapot, both befitting the beautiful rosebuds. I followed instructions and brewed a pot.

It was a delicate colour, not strong when brewed, and the taste wasn't sweet or fragrant like I expected, but subtle and a little bitter. Not unpleasant, not mindblowing either, but as I sipped, I was warmed by the thought that I was kick-starting my metabolism and doing some good for my innards! It also impressed the children, they wondered why I had flowers in my tea? It started off as a novelty but will continue to be a part of my daily routine. A small enjoyment in each day.


  1. I've looked at these but never been game to try it (we have soooo much tea at home already!)so were there any black tea leaves in amongst the rose buds? Normally I would have expected a combination of the two and this might make a difference to the flavour?

  2. No tea leaves, just the pretty little buds. I think that's why its such a subtle flavour. But..if its good for the metabolism, and looks pretty, BRING IT ON I say!

  3. I've got a packet of these! You can add them to normal tea for a mild rose flavour, didn't know about the metabolic effects though!