Saturday, May 23, 2009


Today my partner-in-crime and I set off to Burwood for an appointment. Not knowing the neighbourhood very well, we parked at the local Westfield knowing it would be the hub of the suburb. On route to our destination we came across Burwood Road. It is a bustling strip of small businesses, mostly cafe’s and restaurants mixed with a few boutiques. As it was almost 2pm, we were very behind schedule for lunch. With tummies grumbling, we quickly cased the joint...and our eyes rested on a cute little Japanese restaurant on the corner of Burwood Road opposite the park - Kado Sake House. We looked at each other and decided immediately on trying it.

The location opposite the park gave it a nicer outlook than others on the busy street. Small, cosy, but light with decor that was a fusion of traditional Japanese with funky touches (especially the vertical flouro lights with bright lime cube-like shades). Another nice detail was the stone featured walls, with sake lined shelving making an interesting display.

Now this is by no means anything but a cheerful neighbourhood restaurant and the pull is the good basic food, nice efficient service, pleasant atmosphere and great prices. We chose the lunch specials and at $10 a pop, they were great value.

My friend ordered Gyoza, 5 pieces of crispy fried dumplings with an energising cup of steaming hot Ginseng Tea. I decided on one of the specials, Chicken Oyakodon which was crispy grilled chicken on top of a bowl of rice with cooked egg and vegetables and fish eggs. This came with a delicate mixed salad (all chopped up in tiny slivers) with a soft vinegar dressing, and a bowl of Miso Soup. For the time of day, this was a little too much, but as a fast and hearty lunch it on a busy shopping expedition, it would be perfect.
I have the eternal frustration when out shopping or in shopping precincts, that it can sometimes be hard to find decent food that isn’t of the “fast” variety. This is just the type of restaurant that would fit the bill for me on any mission, even with kids in tow. It is fast, the kids could find something un-fancy in the menu that they liked, and if they DIDN’T like it, it wouldn’t break the bank either, and I would get something delicious and nutritious as well. I think I’ve definitely found a solution for this very common minefield, at least in Burwood!

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  1. Chicken oyakodon is one of my favourite foods, I love the combination of the sweet onion with the chicken and egg and rice - lucky you!