Friday, April 30, 2010

Goodbye winter, hello spargel...

Now that we can finally hang up our winter coats (for 5 months at least) I thought I would share with you a little snapshot of our final wintery walks in downtown Munich (and surrounding area) with the essential stop off or two for hot chocolate to warm the soul and also warm the frozen extremities.

Le Pain Quotidien - a great discovery during winter. As they say, it's an organic bakery, it's coffee, it's tea, it's hot chocolate, it's a patisserie, its a restaurant. What ever it is, they make THE best Belgian waffels! And they do a pretty good hot chocolate served in what I considered a bowl - so, so good when you have been wandering around a frozen city all afternoon! 

Too cute, had to buy one to take home with me! 

Frozen Munich - Hofgarten am Residenz

The funny things you see around the city when in search of a good hot chocolate - German recycling at its best! Old cable cars from the ski resort Garmisch Partenkirchen (about an hour or so out of Munich in Southern Bavaria). You can huddle up with your loved ones and have a Heisse Schokolade to keep the chills at bay! 

One of my favourite buildings in the city 

A day trip to Nuremberg for their famous Nürnberger wurst mit semmel - small pork sausages on a white crusty bread roll, a speciality of Nürnberg (just hurry up and take the photo mum!)

The city of Nürnberg, a good spot to buy ...

Easter Lamb cakes (cute) and ...

...Easter buns. I was so hoping that these buns would be just like hot cross buns, but without the cross. But no, not even close. I think they forgot to put sugar in!! Next year I will make my own. 

Favourite Bavarian Restaurant in Munich - and yes, it does have the famous Nürnberger bratwurst - you just can't escape them. But when you are in need of good German stodge...

...there is nothing like bangers and mash Bavarian style!! 

Eating outdoors at the Nürnberger am Dom restaurant is also a great place to watch the passing parade at Spargel festival time - the Bavarians love to celebrate the first asparagus crop of the season...

...the Munich 'Monk' leads the procession

...and here is that mighty first crop for the season! Goodbye winter, hello spargel, oh I mean Spring!  White asparagus and May know Spring has sprung. 


  1. The Easter lambs are gorgeous! I can't say no to a big bowl of heisse schokolade, but it is nice to have some spring warmth.

  2. Wow those waffles look so good and look at the colour of that mashed potato - lots of butter? Sigh, you going into spring means we're looking forward to cold weather, how long till daylight saving again? Hehe, those buns look like rock cakes without the sugar!

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  4. Aren't the buildings there amazing? It feels like a fairytale there :)

  5. I'm craving those waffles now! They look amazing!!!