Friday, April 2, 2010

MiniB turns One ... and Two!

As the good Doctor says, it's all "wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff..." which is how we come to be posting MiniB's first and second birthday together! For some reason we didn't get around to posting the little one's first birthday last year but the cake and the food was so good and inventive that when we recently celebrated her second birthday we decided to do it all together and promise to be more organised in future!

Who's on First?

Playschool's Jemima and generic Butterfly Cakes

Mini Hotdogs and Mini Hamburgers

Prosciutto, Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil Bites and Afghan Bread Pizza

Crustless Fairy Bread Circles and Chocolate Crackles

The Wiggles, Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy

Lime & Sherbet Punch and NQN's Watermelon Jellies

Homemade Caramel & Lemon Curd Tarts and Cranberry & Lemon Punch

And Caramel Popcorn Cones !!!

Well done to Shanks and the W (and special thanks to the W for the wonderful cakes) for such inventive feasting!


  1. looks like you have all the classics including fairy bread and chocolate crackles. a comedian at the comedy club last week made an interesting point about kids birthday cakes. have you ever thought if the kids get traumatized by having their favourite characters like Elmo as a cake when they're so young and then it gets sliced up by a knife in front of them. would they really understand what's happening or would they think that mummy and daddy just killed Elmo. so how did it go with cutting up the cute little girl cake? any sad faces on the kids? ;-)

  2. haha, she went straight for the heart and no sad little faces anywhere!

  3. Wow! That party food looks divine, I want to come to MiniB's 3rd bday party next year ; ) I'm thinking I'll use the mini hotdogs and mini hamburgers in the near future...and those cute mini watermelons, I love them...such a big kid at heart!!

  4. Ooh what a great range! And so glad that you made the watermelon jellies-what a great job! :D I have to admit that mini hamburgers and mini hot dogs are so cute and I cannot resist them :D Happy Easter to all of you! :D

  5. Fantastic work on the cakes W! Particulary enjoyed the patience and determination miniB displayed when making sure she got every last 'seed' (aka the black sesame) out of those 'watermelons' before scoffing the jelly.

  6. wow, what a birthday looks absolutely amazing! happy belated birthday miniB!

  7. I'll have to re-think a few things next time. Having pointy sticks and serving white powder with the lime sherbet punch is probably a big No-No for a 2year old birthday party... I'm still learning :)

  8. fairy bread! i love fairy bread! and the cakes look fabulous!