Sunday, November 20, 2011

Do you ever know when a child lies?

He looks up and asks her, "Have you been following the diet I sent to you?"
"Erm, maybe 50%?"
"You know, you really should. It really does get results."

Yeah, alright, it probably does help to follow a diet if one actually opens and reads attached diet plans within sent emails. Sigh. Admittedly I do eat out more than the average person, but surely one can make exceptions.... Particularly when it's Seiobo!

Another tree in the garden of the recently refurbished The Star comes along Seiobo, from the makers who brought you Momofuku. The deets - 15 course degustation for $175. I forget the additional alcohol add-on since I don't usually drink (or eat chocolate...). Bookings are taken via the web whether in NY or Sydney, so when a friend offered a spare place, I can't be so rude as to turn them down just to follow a diet!

Let's start. 

Much love to the mochi. Spicy crisp, chewy and sweet from the glutinous rice, this for me easily trumps any cupcake/macaroon/black sesame glutinous rice balls on offer. Peoples, we need more of this, STAT!

One of many of Momofuku's signature dishes, the pork bun. Totally delicious, but reminded me of roast duck pancakes and thankfully, less greasy. Another member of our party had actually eaten proper NY David Chang steamed pork buns and preferred the NY ones, but those were apparently double the size...

Pretty presentation but not a fan. The wagyu beef was tender and had a good balance between meat and marbling, but the "fermented black bean" - aka burnt watermelon seeds translated into extreme bitterness, overpowering the radish and the wagyu... Next!

Goat's cheese is a taste I have yet to acquire; there's the creaminess, and despite the lack of smell, the gaminess of it all. 
Hence the hesitation at first, but then you've come to this fine dining experience and you think, Why not? 
Then you try the dish, and the simplicity of it, sheets of pasta, tart tomatoes, crisp mint, goats cheese sauce - it's noticeable and acts as a team player, letting other elements shine individually. It's a course that works for the non-cheese lover and I can't believe how enjoyable it is - so much so, I'm staring at the pot, every 10 mins of so, as more sheets of pasta are dropped into boiling water for the other patrons.

Starting to feel full at this stage.

Never realised how picky an eater I am, but I generally don't eat lamb unless it's heavily spiced to point where it's indistinguishable as beef, chicken, pork or lamb. This is lamb neck, is it supposed to be tender?Nicely cooked and rested.

Disliked this one. Gave it a try, but after a few spoons all that pecorino and licorice was just wrong, wrong, wrong....

 Lovely presentation. Individual elements were good, it's just that the cripy milk was a tad too burnt to be enjoyed with the rest of the dessert.

This was enjoyable at first, the toasted rice made for nice textures, and the fruit balanced well with the miso.

Hey Fay, remember the time, about 6 months ago, I asked you if you'd heard of any desserts involving meat, apart from silken tofu soup? Well,...Voila!

It's hard to imagine, yes we've had dessert, why are we eating meat again?? But that's part of the charm, that is Seiobo. Always one with the surprises.

At this stage, we are properly full. If we haven't had a few wines by now, we've certainly enjoyed some of the free unlimited sparkling water.  Minor details, however why is there only one toilet in the restaurant? Odd...

Having read Terry Durack's review the day before, I have to wholeheartedly agree. The thing that struck me about Seiobo was fine line between shyly subtle and confidently engaging in every aspect of the experience. Also glad i didn't notice any AC/DC playing and there is a enough of a mix to let you recognise bands/songs such as M83.

Anyways, this meal alone clearly covers all proper food groups - meat, bread, vegetables, dessert, who says it's not balanced?


  1. Brilliant post Bisycl, made me laugh and splurt my lunchtime Coke Zero onto my monitor!

  2. The important question is, would you go back???! :D

  3. yeah the licorice was just...*sigh*

  4. I visited Momofuku's Ssam Bar last year. I think that is why I haven't been biting at the bit to run off to Seiobo (which to me is more like what Ko is suppose to be like). Don't get me wrong, the food at Ssam was nice, but not exceptional as per the David Chang hype. Oh and yes I agree the pork buns do seem to be smaller at Seiobo from your picutre.

  5. Great review and thanks for the comprehensive pictures too! It looks like quite the experience! :o