Thursday, December 1, 2011

What's in a Name?

Cabins & Gonz - Cupcakes!

I honestly thought there was nothing new to say about cupcakes but then Lobo came across an offer from the Deal Me! people (one of the many and growing organisations which markets discounted deals as long as a minimum number of people buy it).

I was intrigued because not only was the price amazing (24 cupcakes in four varieties delivered for $35.00) but two of the four flavours on offer were unusual and one must never say no to chocolate!

The two flavours which made me sit up were Ube (the purple cupcake) and Pandan (the green cupcake). Those who love Asian sweets will know Pandan well.  It's the coconut-scented leaf which is used to flavour rice, curries, cakes and sweet bean treats while Ube is a purple yam, popular in many countries of the world but I hadn't seen it commercially used like this before.

In the last 5 years, cupcakes have really taken off, there are so many specialty cupcake shops that you could find one in practically every suburb. The problem with most is that they either use flavoured icings on a plain vanilla cupcake to create the different varieties, or the icing towers and therefore over-dominates the cake or the cake is too dry. I don't know about you but if I'm going to absorb the unavoidable calories in a cupcake indulgence, I want it to be worthwhile!

One bite of a Cabins & Gonz cupcake and you will be hooked forever. The cake is light and moist and not overly sweet, there is a good balance (for my palate anyway!) of icing to cake and dare I say again, the flavours just blew me away. As well as the aforementioned Pandan and Ube, the chocolate was amazingly dark and moreish, the vanilla was standout and I also tried (over and above the deal because it just sounded so delicious) the Honey Chai flavour. They have certainly made the most of their Phillipino roots.

Other flavours include Lemon or Lime Meringue, Orange Poppyseed, Chocolate Coconut, Tiramisu and Lemon Myrtle.

I have to say that they're not cheap - although I think they are on a par with some of the cupcakeries in the city AND they deliver - but I would prefer to pay a little more for a special treat (a 4-pack of the chocolate will set you back $12.00 or you can buy a 6-cupcake sampler pack for $16.00 with a minimum order of $20.00) than have a so-so cupcake every day.

They also do special occasion cakes but I like having the variety. Personally, I can't wait for another special occasion to try some more of their flavours and given the regularity with which they pop up in a market or a fete, you're bound to catch up with them somewhere.


  1. I have to agree - most people do just put flavoured icing on a vanilla cupcake. It kind of defeats the purpose really. Stand out and be bold and try incorporating the flavour into the cupcake as well. That pandan one looks delicious.. mmmm i love pandan!

  2. I love these! You can buy them in Lanecove (can't remember the name of the shop), and also get them online and a few other places... This treasure is worth hunting around for. Pandan and the lime cupcakes rule!

  3. I would have jumped at the unusual flavours too-you don't often see those at cupcake stores!

  4. I love a good cupcake and the ones in your pictures look amazing!