Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bellinis, Burgers and Bliss

After you've been overawed by the fabulousness of the foyer of the Rockpool Bar & Grill, you need to remember to turn RIGHT so you can enter the more affordable bar section of this gorgeous restaurant. The bar doesn't take reservations so my companion and I decided to turn up at 12pm to take our chances, it was the right strategy as only a few tables were occupied unlike 30 minutes later when the entire place is full.
As it was a special occasion (erm alright, it was another birthday meal for me - look out for more in the coming days) S convinced me to celebrate in style and we started with a classic Bellini cocktail - peach nectar and sparkling white wine.
Like a lot of the other patrons of the bar, the must try dish was the Wagyu burger, its popularity boosting its original price of $18 to the current $22.00. The burger itself was stunning, the pure essence of meatiness and bbq beautifully grilled sitting on a toasted brioche roll, I must admit a little disappointment at the plain lettuce and tomato slices and not having the option of some beetroot on it (Aussie through and through), pickled zucchini in the Zuni Cafe style was nice but not the same!
Had to check out the fat chips (as it was on the menu a couple of weeks ago, checking tonight, they are now known as handcut chips - what's wrong with fat chips I say? The fatter the better.) and they were VERY good. Pity the meat in the burger was so satisfying I couldn't finish the other half of the bun or a good portion of the chips. They may not be the best value for money at $12 but I may just go back for a plate of the chips alone, now that would be the height of decadence if not a nutritionist's nightmare!
S decided on the spanner crab, tomato and chilli with semolina pasta at $29. It being my birthday, S kindly allowed me to sample a bit of the crab!

On the whole, I think the wagyu burger at Plan B is better value for money but if you like meat, you do need to try eating here at least once!


  1. I went to Rockpool Bar a while back and sadly my burger was a bit burnt :( I do love the setting though, how glorious is the fitout!

  2. Love the look of the crab...AND the Bellini's!! ha ha. I had a Wagyu burger at Dangar Island Cafe, so it would be nice to compare - mine had beetroot - I'll have to try the midday trick and see if can swing it.

  3. Love the look of those chips!!

  4. I think you are paying for the setting as well as the burger - it is Rockpool, after all! That said, the burger looks good, as do those gorgeous, fat chips.

  5. Hi Lorraine - isn't it glorious to walk in and pretend you are in 1930s Sydney? Sorry to hear about your burger, isn't it disappointing when your expectations aren't met, mine was just perfect.

    Hi Happy Blogger - highly recommended that you give it a go - Bellini's were a bit pricey at $18 a pop though!

    Hi Shanks - hehe, always on the search for the best chips in Sydney!

    Hi Belle - agreed, we have to contribute something to the fitout, hehe!

  6. An increase of $4 for the burger is a bit rich isn't it? It does look good though. Chips look like the duck fat chips at Sean's Kitchen ....

  7. ooh the chips look so good! love bellinis too!

  8. My kinda combination - fine and cheap at once with bellinis and greasy burgers!

  9. Obviously there are others out there who share my desire to find the best chips in Sydney, welcome all!

    My sentiments exactly Forager! Although the bellini was overpriced but the burger wasn't greasy at all, it was one of the best burgers I've ever tasted (apart from Plan B's) hehe!