Friday, January 8, 2010

What does an errant foodie do when in hospital?

Why blog the hospital food of course!

Don't panic readers, I was only in for 5 hours for an iron infusion due to low amounts of the vital mineral and no other nasty explanations for lack thereof (expensive steak dinner? yes please!)

Actually I was inspired by the ramblings of Notes from a hospital bed: Ramblings of a poor sod after months in traction and eating hospital food and Hospital food from around the world and Hospital Food.

A 5 hour procedure is only long enough for morning tea (small lamington and beverage of your choice, which I skipped) and lunch. I had the option of a vegetarian pasta dish but knowing I was going to have a chicken and lemon pasta for dinner tonight, decided to opt for the soup and sandwich deal.

Luckily my private health insurance afforded me the lovely confines of the Sydney Adventist Hospital aka The San, famous for its vegetarian food although not strictly enforced nowadays.

Doily covered tray with glass and water jug - classy!

Minestrone soup with egg sandwiches, low fat icecream, apple juice and stewed apples (out of picture)

Minestrone soup

The soup was lovely, full of fresh vegetables and risoni pasta, the stock appeared to be water rather than chicken but that made for a low fat and low salt soup that tasted actually of its ingredients.

The egg and mayonnaise sandwiches were freshly made (no stale edges - yay!) and if I felt inclined I could have salted and peppered them from little sachets but didn't bother, as the taste was fine.

Icecream on the stewed apple

I actually ate dessert first as I can't stand half melted icecream. To give it that foodie something, I emptied the icecream carton over the stewed apples which were made from freshly cooked apples, not tinned or preprepared or overcooked mush - lovely! Only needed a bit of cinnamon sugar (reminder to self - carry cinnamon sugar with me at all times) or oatmeal crumble to make it completely perfect.

Bon Appetit!

Hospital food from the San? 4 out of 5 stars!

Sorry,during the procedure I caught up with Review by Myles Barlow on my laptop and was unduly influenced!


  1. Hope you're feeling better soon and I hope someone takes you out for a delicious steak meal with spinach salad :D Hehe I like how you foodie-fied the dessert! :P

  2. wishing you a speedy recovery. once a food blogger, always a good blogger, no matter where you are eating in the world. nice job! :-)

  3. Never thought I'd ever see a food blog about hospital food! I wonder if people will consider different hospitals based on food quality? LOL

    Get better soon!

  4. Thanks for everyone's best wishes, much appreciated! I've been told that I now look less like a vampire victim! Actually, I probably look like the vampire that got lucky, hehe!

  5. Wow..hope you are ok? I LOVE the San food - bizarre as that is. When I was having both kids there, I actually requested their recipe book because their vegetarian food was so good and tasty! I ate and I ate and I ate.