Thursday, April 22, 2010

Standing in the way of [self] control

Shop. Boon. Chocolates. Belgian. Hand-made. Handbag. Clutch. Gold clasp. Unbranded. Orange. Packaging. Screen printed. Chocolate. Made of. Pencil. Plaque. Letter. Customisation. Hole. Heart-bites. Chocolate. Made of.
Marrakesh. Violetta. Janne. Truffles. Ganache. Squares. Buttons. Screen printed. Glossy. Pretty but pass. White. Euww. Milk. Meh. Dark. Ooh. Almond. And? Rocher. Gasp! 100 grams. $9.95?! Still sold.
Open. Taste test. Bite. Dark. Yum. Bite. Crunch. Tiny bubbles like Aero bars. Hmm. Wafer? Macaroon? Wow. Unsweetened. Smooth and no tongue coating. More. Excellent chocolate to filling ratio. Still no coating. Impressed. Much. Observe. Last one. What is that crunch? Passer-by. Offer? Motion denied. Packet closed.
Work. Tough meeting. 4pm. Hungry. Just one. Mmm. Not enough. Stop. Stop!!!
Finished. One fell swoop. Tongue still no more coated or sweetened than a Lindt ball. Crunch even in crumbs. Almonds eliminated. Almond rocher goodbye. Boon Dark Almond Rocher chocolate. Converted. Addicted? Like someone who has made a choice.


  1. Thanks for bringing back the memories! It only took 8 of us a few minutes to get through the $30 mixed selection box but that only bought us 16 bites of chocolatey delight!

  2. I can hear the restraint in your writing! I think we're going to have to go back to that shop. Oh and thanks for the 30 Rock clip - brought back some funny memories but I kept waiting for the chocolate reference! :D

  3. Oh yes pleeeease end off every post with a 30 Rock clip! I love Laser Shield! Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy has such killer comedic timing! :P

  4. It feels like I've stepped into some bizarro universe! Chocolate will do that to you. As will 30 Rock, love it :)

  5. Lots of wonderful looking chocolate! Now that's my idea of Heaven!