Monday, June 21, 2010

A Table for Fifteen - (ATFT Workshop)

The Shanks and Lobo show were lucky enough to get into Billy's of A Table for Two food photography workshop. Seats were limited to fifteen per session and held at Mumu Grill function room in Crows Nest. At $85 for the workshop + meals, it was well worth the experience.

15mth aged Jamon Serrano with Catlan bread

Billy has a reputation within the food blogging community for his unique style of photography. Us Yummers have admired his work since his work on the exhibited Victorian bushfires, Tex Mex menu photo shoot, and his regular updates on his blog ATFT (particularly for me the Cambodian/Laos blogs). So this was an opportunity to learn from the jedi master.

Selection of Olives

The course consisted of a good mix of food bloggers, closet food bloggers, and food/photography enthusiasts, wielding DSLR's and compacts aplenty. Topics covered ranged from basic photography skills, camera functions, restaurant photography ettiquite, post processing, and blogging tips/security.

Chorizo Braised in Red Ale and Parmesan

It was also my first visit to the popular Mumu Grill. The highlight for me was the grass fed Angus t-bone tagliatta that was cooked to perfection and melt in your mouth succulence. The marbling in the meat gave it that extra bit of flavour. Lobo and I scored when the two girls at our end of the table didn't eat beef which meant extra helpings for us - woohoo!!

T-bone Tagliatta

Craig @ Mumu also had us all bewildered at his secret ice cream flavour. A toffee-like flavoured ice cream with hint of salt that hits the back of you mouth. The texture was silky smooth and creamy with a few specks of chewy shavings in the mixture. Most of us guessed salted caramel only for Craig to reveal that it was Candied Pancetta!! Don't let the name or ingredients put you off, the tastes really work well.The dessert was designed for Mumu's Porkestra event.

Dessert Platter including Candied Pancetta icecream

Cheers to Billy for the insight into your creative genious. It was a well balanced and very informative course, even though I have a lot to learn and long way to go.

Over to Lobo for his happy snaps. Till next time...we eat!! Shanks

Greetings! Lobo here. I could go into details about the ATFT food photography luncheon, or about the food at Mumu Grill but it's already been done for me. Cheers Shanks. I wish all posts were this easy.

I'll just leave you with a few of my photos from the day. In honour of our informative host, I've done them in a ATFT-esque collage format. Yes you too can learn how to make these collages at the workshop!
Clockwise L to R: Hands on help with ATFT; Duck fat potatos, greens, chorizo; House baked bread and dips, T-bone Tagliatta; 15mth Jamon Serrano.

Clockwise L to R: Chorizo, Bread and dips, Olives; Black russian tomato and Buffalo Mozzerella salad; homage to ATFT, Game Bird Empanadas.
At the time of posting, ATFT has announced two more workshops on 31st July and 7th August, but if you miss out, Billy may organise more workshops based on interest so shoot him an email. There was also talk of an advanced workshop based on studio photography with a food stylist and an advanced photo editing workshop so I'm keeping my peepers peel for those. 


  1. Looks like the lessons worked! Brilliant record of the event and how lucky to score extra meat!

  2. Great photos. Billy has definitely imparted some skills on the Sydney blogging community. Mmmm all that food was so good and who can say no to pancetta ice cream :)

  3. The photos are magnificent. Wag

  4. excellent looking photos. really captures the yummy food on offer. well done. looking forward to seeing more yummy photos from you guys :-)

  5. woohoo i cant wait for billys next class and learn all his tricks! your photos look fab!

  6. His workshop is fantastic. The food was so good. Looking at it makes me hungry

  7. I really enjoyed his class too :) That t-bone tagliatta was sooo good!! And I like the homage to ATFT - very nice :)

  8. oh goshhhh gorgeous photos!!! i wanna join such a workshop too!

  9. The photos look fabulous, and is great to have wonderful food to photograph.

  10. Hi Yaya, extra meat is always win in my books :)

    Hi Mark, Thanks, yeah he's doing well for us Sydney bloggers. It's interesting a little knowledge can go a long way :)

    Hi Wag, thanks folks!!

    Hi Simon, Thanks. I'd be keen on your tips on how you work your magic with a compact camera. :)

    Hi Suze, You'll have a ball!! and you'll learn something too :P

    Hi Amy, It was a fantastic workshop with food to match!! :D

    Hi Betty, TB Tag was excellent!! You can see Lobo was paying attention in class ;P

    Hi Rita, Thanks. I'm sure Billy wouldn't turn down an all expenses paid trip to HK to run his workshop lol :P

    Hi Sara, Thanks, it sure helps when the subject is so photogenic!! :P