Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chocolate (Pork) Crackles

This Fall......

The epic saga continues...

Of one man's fascination of matching pork with chocolate to make edible bliss...

From the creators of "A Chocolate Porking"...

Starring Lindt as the gingered flavoured hero, "Chocolate".

And in her debut performance, Bacon Stripes as "Crackle".

Served fresh for the state of the art 3D Crunch effect. Coming to a mouth near you...


Directors Notes:

I stumbled accross a fad taking off in the US which was chocolate covered pork rinds. At first, the only place I found that sold them online was @ Amazon, only they didn't deliver to Oz. Also, I wasn't willing to cough up $USD 18.95 + shipping for a packet of pork rinds. So I decided to attempt my own.

I chose ginger flavoured chocolate to try and match the saltiness and smokiness of the pork rinds.

Overall, it tasted ok. Just ok you say. I think you really need to get out of you head the thought of eating pork rinds with chocolate to enjoy the true sensation. My brain could not command my taste buds to combine the flavours together. Also, I think the Amazon one's use actual pork rinds over the deep fried wheat substitute that I used.

A sequel is never as good as the original. lol
Lets see if I can scrape up enough dough to film the prequel.

Till next time we eat / crunch / direct....




  1. OH MY GAWD did you make that pig?!?!?

  2. Man, did they taste good! I loved the little hint of ginger in the chocolate and THAT pig is classic!

  3. Haha I do the same! We can't get so much of that stuff here the only choice we have is to make it ourselves. And yours looks great! :D

  4. That's it the gauntlet has been thrown down by suze. Now we HAVE to make a pork rind pig! Any excuse will do. =)

  5. So much wrongness in one little bite, but wrong in the right way :)

  6. gimme some of that! pork crackling + silky chocolate. YUm!

  7. I'm in! If you don't want to go for the real thing, the company that makes Nobby's Nuts have a prefabricated crackling (found it at this year's Easter show) which might be lighter to assemble. Now what to glue it together with ...? It would have to be melted white marshmallows wouldn't it? Kind of like the rice bubble mallow bars that we had as kids because that would dry clear. What you don't think I'm serious?!! :D

  8. Amazing! It's all about the pig, I tells ya!

  9. Hey Suze, Nah I got in on a chain mail but as you can see from the other comments, the Yummers are keen to try :P

    Hey Yaya, I think next time it needs more of a kick of ginger to balance the chocolate. :)

    Hey Lorraine, Thanks, may have to try with real crackle next time. :)

    Hey Lobo, Lets do it!! :D

    Hey Simon, in this case two wrongs (chocolate and crackle) makes it very right!! :P

    Hey Amy, too right!! I want more too!! :)

    Hey GB, I had my eye on Nobby's ones but ran into these first. Mallows and crackle..I'm in!! :)

    Hey Y, You're so right...pig pig the magical beast!! :P