Friday, July 9, 2010

The Cupcake Gallery - 2D Workshop

I was going to hand this one over to my better half, the W, as she experienced this first hand. But she prefers to stick with her crocheting and baking, and left the blogging to me. Since I got to do my photography workshop a few weeks ago, it was the W's turn to pursue her passion in the form of cupcake decorating.

As big fans and long time admirers of The Cupcake Gallery's (TCCG) work we were both very excited to find out that they are starting cake decorating workshops.

Jo, the creator and founder, started TCCG when she made her daughters first birthday cake and has been creating magnificent pieces of art for the past 3 years. Her recent accolade was winning 2 x 2nd prizes for Most Creative Cake (novice class) at 2010's Royal Easter Show (check out her prize winning creations Aussie BBQ and Dim Sims). "Most Creative" just sums up Jo and TCCG. From weddings and birthdays to "you'll be missed" cakes each piece is handmade, intricately detailed, and designed with Jo's uniquely creative flare.

So what an opportunity it was to get into Jo's head and take a glimpse into her imaginary world of cupcakes.

I remember the first time we received a TCCG gift from Jo when MiniB was born. Her cupcakes were creations that we had never seen before with the icing being as smooth as a baby's bottom with such precise detail. We couldn't bear to eat them and kept them in the freezer for almost a year.

In the 2D workshop you get 12 attempts (cupcakes) to try and replicate 4 of Jo's anime-like designs. From the photos on her blog it looks like all students, including the W, managed the task at hand under her masterful tutelage. The workshop also included a bonus take-home goodie bag and a personalised certificate. Jo will be running a variety of workshops over the coming year including 2D and 3D figurines. Check out the website for more details but be quick...the classes are small to allow for better learning, and the spots are filling up fast!!

Till next time ... we eat!!



  1. They look gorgeous. Is the icing hard and sweet? Wag

  2. These cupcakes are so pretty and all in MiniB's favourite colours! Well done W!

  3. Ooh I remember seeing that cake at the Easter show and we though that it was so clever! What gorgeous cupcakes-the owls and babushka dolls are standouts! :)

  4. Really professional looking, W definitely has the talent! Looking forward to Mini B's next birthday cake! :D

  5. Aww these are so adorable! I love the owls :D

  6. The designs are gorgeous, and the colours are perfect. And beautifully made! This would be such a fun course to do :D

  7. oh so cute! sounds like a great class. I think i like the owls the best :)

  8. Hi Wag, the icing is soft at first then hardens slightly. It's sweet but good :)

    Hi HB, Cheers!!

    Hi Yaya, Yep Jo researches colour schemes before designing the cupcakes :)

    Hi Lorraine, Yep the owls and bubushka are the W's favourite too. She made the owls last so you can tell they're made with better detail.

    Hi GB, Yeah she did well. We'll have to wait and see what she comes up with :)

    Hi Betty, Thanks, apparently owls and bubushka dolls are really in this season :)

    Hi Belle, Thanks. The W had a ball!!

    Hi Helen, the owls are my favourite too and they're actually not hard to make.

    Hi JBar, Cheers!!

  9. Hi Ros, aren't they just... Jo's got a real knack for cuteness in her cupcakes!!

  10. Those cupcakes look so inviting. The colours are beautiful and so are the designs.

  11. Hi Cath, Thanks, Jo's spends a lot of time on the designs. Btw love your site - especially the welcoming "Moo" :)