Monday, August 23, 2010

Salmon Pastrami - yes Salmon!

Taste of Sydney this year was just huge and I got stuck at some really good stations, trying out all the great things they had to offer. The problem with this though was that there was much I didn't have time to sample.  Also I got easily distracted by shiny things and flashing lights, so bouncing around like a moth from light bulb to light bulb I missed a lot of stores that way too. Reading all the great reviews from other bloggers of the things I missed doesn't help reduce the feelings of regret, but samples from the kind people at Pead PR does, as missing out on New Zealand Regal King Salmon was one of those regrets. Well not anymore.  

Smoked Salmon Pastrami. What is there not to love about those words. Sustainably farmed king salmon, cold smoked and encrusted with a mixture of cracked peppers.  

These king salmon are raised in the pristine waters of the Marlborough Sounds. 
Welcome to flavour country.

Opening the pack to see the delicately sliced pieces of smoked salmon I was impressed at how well the peppercorn crust remained intact. So what to do with these slivers of goodness? Well the serving suggestion on the pack looked tasty and I pretty much had all the ingredients so smoked salmon pastrami rolls it is!

Red capsicum, avocado and cream cheese spiked with lemon juice and dill. A truly classy combination. Best served at room temperature. 

I left some slices of the smoked salmon pastrami as they were so we could appreciate the flavour of the product itself. And appreciate it we did. Unlike some smoked salmons out there this stuff wasn't greasy and was not too salty so the salmon flavour is leading the charge to your taste buds followed closely by the cracked pepper that really does make you reminisce of a deli meat, like a good American styled pastrami and mustard on rye. 

Now to hunt begins for their teriyaki salmon kebabs. 
RRP $12.95 for 200g smoked salmon pastrami at time of writing.


  1. oh yum. i remember fondly trying this Salmon Pastrami at the Taste of Sydney and it was really delicious. i thought it would be great for making canapes. you're so lucky to get some samples :-)

  2. Excellent flavour combo - and nice shots!!

  3. Apart from the cracked pepper crust on the salmon (which was really subtle and not overwhelming) the sample I tried was just a really lovely smoked salmon. I have a problem with many smoked products being way too salty but this one was lovely and delicate and I could happily eat slices of it just by itself!

  4. Mmmm, I will definitely be keeping an eye out for this, funnily enough, I'm not a big fan of normal pastrami but love smoked salmon and the peppery-ness is just right. The fact that it's not as salty as normal smoked salmon is an added bonus. Great serving suggestion and nicely executed Lobo! Oh, to save confusion, Lobo did all the hard work, I just took and uploaded the photos! :D

  5. That looks fantastic! It looks very much like smoked salmon (but with pepper), is it very different?

  6. What great food combo's, my mouth is watering to taste. Great pics too :)

  7. SFF: it was your post that made me realise i had missed it at Taste. Still extremely impressed you got through Taste without having to pay for anything!

    Shanks: thanks go out to Gummi Baby for providing these shots. Yes i did leave the house without my digital SLR that day. Im so ashamed.

    yaya: completely agree. Salt is often my nemesis when it comes to smoked products.

    Gummi baby: thanks for the clarification, i couldnt figure out how to change the posters name.

    Jess: yes. Yes it was delicious.

    Loraine: would be interesting to do a side by side comparison, by i think the DIY version could be overpowered by the pepper. End of the day its about mid range price wise when it comes to smoked salmon so i think its worth getting.

    Anna: thanks. Finally a serving suggestion that translates well to reality.