Friday, October 8, 2010

Seven days in sunny Sept[ember] - Day 5

She says to me "Whilst you're over there, can you look for a picture? That wall's looking bare and when people walk in they need a picture to grab their eye."
And I said "Yeah, sure thing. What kind of picture are you after?"
And so she says "Something colourful, like you know, like those abstract paintings with splats of colour all over."
And so I said "Umm okay. I mean, it's not Montmarte with painters on the side of the road, but MoMA's probably my best shot."
And then she said "Yeah, just lie it flat in the bottom of your suitcase like I did in Paris. It'll be fine."

In short, never made it to MoMA. Now, whilst the food blogger's code of conduct dictates the taking and displaying of photos on absolutely everything plated in front of them, it wouldn't have mattered since Dovetail (and possibly all of NYC fine dining) enjoys mood lighting, thus killing any food shots. Fail.

Here's one I prepared earlier (but still post-meal)...

click on for the real pictures of on for the real pictures of food...

And so they say "But what abt the fooooood??"
And so I say, on the other hand, highlights included the foie gras - much much better than any canned-mushed-cardboard-pate, melt on the tongue, no chewing - guaranteed!; the warmed cornbread-as-a-dinner-roll was a nice change - yes refills are allowed; however, the pièce de résistance for me was the sparkling apple cider - Duche de Longueville. Nevermind the $18USD per glass pricetag. Easily the most brilliant tasting, alcoholic-looking non-alcoholic drink I've ever had! Darn you Sainsbury's for the £1.99 pricetag! Where can I get this in/to Sydney?! Time for another jet set off to London methinks....


  1. I sympathise, both on the low light front and the "find me the perfect present" front. LOL re directing to Dovetail's website! :D

  2. You ate at this place and didn't smuggle me in your luggage?

  3. The apple cider sounds amazing! I hope they stock it here! :)

  4. Oh Yes! The Apple Cider does sound good indeed.

  5. Who knew that there was a store dedicated to cider in Sydney?! They don't have Duche de Longueville (at leat not online) but maybe if they get enough enquiries for it, they might import some!

  6. Yes that good old mood lighting. Apple Cider yum.

  7. Haha, bloody mood lighting! Great for concealing my inherent Asian red-facedness at the mere mention of alcohol (no probs there if consuming said apple cider) but so bad for photos or even seeing the food on your plate at times.