Friday, March 11, 2011

Get Twisted!

You know when you've been really really good to yourself? You've eaten the right mix of carbs, protein, vegetables, fruit and fibre and you feel so energetic you could run a marathon? You know that moment when you feel like something cold, sweet and delicious but you don't want to ruin the great way you feel? Well, now you can get TWISTED!

Looking like it wouldn't look out of place in New York, Twisted is a newly opened frozen yoghurt cafe in Bondi but if you think this is just another frozen yoghurt, think again. The co-founder of the company, Cassandra Spies, spent quite a while researching the product and with her background in food technology, she has hit upon the most luscious, smooth, mouth-fulfilling, creamy, un-yoghurt like frozen yoghurt I have ever tried. It's made from freshly made yoghurt everyday, yes folks, it's NOT a premix!

There are 20 individual flavours on rotation so you can select one or many and because it's 98% fat free, you can give yourself a little indulgence with a vast selection of healthy or decadent toppings, including the latest addition, mini mochi!

You can mix and match whatever takes your fancy!

Then, each week, she makes up 3 fresh combinations of 6 flavours which are served individually or twisted together into witty duets and served out of soft-serve dispensers.

The day we arrived, we tried:

Knickers In A Twist or Chocolate & Coconut,

Berry Bliss, a combination of Acai Berry (more about that later) and Raspberry

and Loudmouth Lime which is Lime and Original twisted together.

Much more information is available on their website.
It's not just about dessert though! In addition to the frozen yoghurt, Twisted also offers pro-biotic smoothies using a combination of their yoghurt, organic non-fat milk and acknowledged "power" foods such as Green Tea, Goji and Acai and Blueberries.


You can also up the ante by adding protein powder to your smoothie or shake, making it a healthy and sustaining breakfast.

Did I say breakfast? Yes, they do that too!

A special mention should be made of the high quality Acai Berries which are sourced, sustainably and ethically, direct from the Brazillian Rainforest, freeze dried and distributed in Australia by the lovely people at RioLife. 1% of the profits are returned to the Amazon communities who help cultivate the berries. Rich in antioxidants and anecdotally considered a natural panacea for many diseases, it is a delicious addition to the Twisted menu.

Back to the yoghurt though. If you don't live close enough to get your hit there every day, there are 500ml or 1 litre take home packs available. Ours was still good and frozen having been stored in a cooler bag, sat with through a 2 hour dinner and a half hour drive home.

Lucky people of Bondi! The good news is that Cass has plans to open more stores in Sydney. I sure hope she opens one up near me!  : )

P.S. Twisted can currently be found at 36 Hall Street, Bondi. They're open 10.00 am to 10.00 pm most days and 9.00 am to 10.30 pm Saturday and Sunday.


  1. Thanks for inviting the YaYas to try your frozen yoghurt Cass! I think I could eat the chocolate / coconut combo everyday!

  2. I love the name "knickers in a twist"..what flavour IS that anyway? Ha ha. I'm not sure how virtuous and healthy those add-ins would be, but I'd love to try it all. Can't wait to taste it, hopefully Cass will open up North side next.

  3. I was reminded of that Seinfeld episode where Elaine is into frozen yoghurt, but Twisted is obviously nothing like that! Great names for the flavours, I hope I can try it soon.

  4. looks like Wow Cow and Cold Rock have stiff competition now :-)

  5. Hi Happy Blogger, Knickers in a Twist is my favourite chocolate and coconut combo! The best tasting chocolate frozen yoghurt I've tried so far!

  6. The thing is HB, the yoghurt itself tastes so good that you don't really need them but if you deserve a reward, you can have just a few little naughty sprinklings rather than a whole pack.

    Belle, I'll have to look up that episode (oh yes, I have the Fridge Collection so will have to start watching from episode one - love Seinfeld!)

    I haven't tried Wow Cow Simon but if it's anything like this, it can only be a good thing! Cold Rock is a great concept too but I think their offering is at the other end of the indulgence spectrum! :D

  7. YaYa's - you're welcome! We are all so glad that you enjoyed getting Twisted with us! I will keep you updated on store openings on the North side and elsewhere in Sydney.
    Health and Happiness (and good eating!)

  8. I really like their yogurt! It's a good balance of tangy but not too tangy :)

  9. Interesting, I think I'd never leave if I went in... i could experiment all day!

  10. I love frozen yoghurt! I hope she opens a store in canberra, although we do have goodberry's which i have yet to try. I think I should try that first..

  11. Was fantastic catching up with you guys even if briefly. The yoghurt is really really delicious.

  12. I'm so behind all these new places! I do love yoghurt though so I'll have to try this out ;-)

  13. i love frozen yogurt sooo much.
    we don't have any near where i live, so every time i get a chance to eat it, i take advantage of that.
    my mouth was watering all the way through this post!

  14. Oh my! I should hit this joint up! Huge fan of froghurt :D So many wonderful flavours too ^^