Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I just can't shake it, shake it, shake it.. No...

What does a $55 mocktail consist of these days?

1 shot of watermelon juice
1 shot of cucumber juice
1 shot of beetroot juice
1 shot of carrot juice
1 shot of red currant juice
1 shot of something (it'll come back to me eventually)
1/2 shot of parsnip juice
A splash of apple juice
1 shot of passionfruit juice (seeds removed)
Finished off with a decadent layer of taking the piss foam.


  1. For that price I would want the juicer to take home too! Hope at the very least it TASTED good!

  2. Where were you? Who is charging that much for a mocktail? That is robbery. I would have walked out.

  3. Ha! Yes the last ingredient, although not hard to find, definitely costs the most! :P

  4. I do believe a clue is in the tag!

  5. Lol - I'm glad you picked to try it cos I was certainly curious .. Maybe the cost is in washing all the fancy wine glasses the fruit shots came in?