Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lazy Labour Day Lunch

Sigh! Last long weekend of the year, last public holiday before Christmas, been a while since we last got together, so many good reasons to have people over but what to do when every day leading up to the lunch day is busy? Keep it simple and fresh!

Buying seafood from your favourite fishmonger means someone else does the cooking!

Tiger prawns, smoked salmon, whole smoked trout, oysters and salami

Sashimi salmon - yes we had fish done three ways but it was all about the texture!

Equally simple salads:
Baked fresh beetroot with sour cream and chives

 De-seeded cucumber with fried garlic, sweet chilli and fish sauce dressing

Waldorf  salad

Iceberg with a French vinaigrette for the traditionalists!

Carbs to accompany the meal -
Ciabatta and Sonoma sourdough

And the easiest dessert of all - my version of Jamie Oliver's Eton Mess.

Extra berries and although Jamie smashes his berries with his hands, I used a more conventional food processor. The low acidic yoghurt with the cream really helps cut the sweetness of the meringue and makes this a very light dessert!

And having one of your guests bring a selection of pastries from the Bourke Street Bakery also helps!

The only thing we cooked in advance was the beetroot, baked whole in the oven the night before so it was cool for the morning. Everything else was bought or prepped the morning of the lunch! Simple, fresh and easy!  :D


  1. My absolute favourite way of entertaining and eating, what a great way to welcome back Spring! Everyone thought the Eton Mess would be too rich but it was surprising light due to the Philly Cream for Desserts and the Greek yoghurt!

  2. Everything looks wonderful-I especially like the colourful range salads and salmon sashimi! :D