Friday, May 10, 2013

Short & Sweet - or Crunchy & Spicy!

I know it's all about the photos but even though I don't have any photos I'd like to give accolade to a place which serves the best vegetarian thing I have ever eaten.

Although I'd heard of it, not being a vegetarian myself I hadn't made the effort to venture to this particular place. We happened to be in the neighbourhood and after eating at Green Gourmet, King Street, Newtown, if I lived a little closer, I reckon it would become a regular.

They sell the buffet meals by weight (ingenious isn't it?!). You take a plate (or plastic container if you prefer to take it away) and fill it with whatever appeals to you and it's weighed at the cash register.

You can also order from the menu but with such a wide choice of yummy food at the ready and only taking as much as you wanted of everything, I really didn't feel the need.

So what was the thing that converted me thus? Quite simply it was deep fried yam.

I have always loved yam (we used to slice it thinly with a mandolin and deep fry it in our family's restaurant fryer for a crunchy result) but never eaten it this way. It had been dipped in a fragrantly spiced batter and was crispy and crunchy on the outside and hot and light inside. Like great fried chicken, it was also quite good as a cold leftover and heated up in the microwave the next day!

There's a photo on their website: but best to go and try it for yourself! Now I have a reason to go back to Newtown!  :D


  1. It's an amazing place isn't it? And not only is it vegan but it's also onion and garlic free. I don't know how they get everything so tasty!

    1. Hi Lorraine! I didn't know about the onion and garlic free and you're right, both ingredients are what I reach for when adding flavour to my cooking so I don't know how they get it so tasty either! : )