Saturday, February 14, 2009

Last Night's Dinner - Mushroom and baby spinach omelette

No carbs and lots of veggies!

Stirfry baby spinach in a pan with some olive oil and garlic and a little butter until the spinach wilts, add the chopped up mushrooms and keep cooking until all the liquid disappears, salt and pepper to taste, set aside.

Heat nonstick frying pan, spray with a little olive oil if you like.

Beat eggs with a little water and a little salt and pour into hot pan, turn down heat to moderate.

Sprinkle chopped chives and a little grated cheese over the centre, moving the liquid egg underneath to cook the bulk of the liquid.

When the surface of the omelette is almost set, spoon the mushroom spinach mixture onto half of the omelette and using a spatula fold it over itself and slide onto a plate to serve.

(Okay, I did have a couple of slices of a new loaf of homemade bread with it, it was a new recipe combination, Maggie Beer's Verjuice instead of vinegar and more Beez Neez beer this time, still no honey flavour in the bread but too much salt this time. Back to the drawing board.)

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