Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Big Ox

Remember the classic comedy Space Balls where the president would grab a can of Peri "air" from the drawer, opened it like a can of coke, and inhaled it through his nose.
Well the Americans have taken that idea one step comes in 4 different flavours!!

The Big Ox, I found advertising their flavoured oxygen on my favourite basketball home page.
It looks like a can of hair spray or deodorant only with a "horn-shaped" mouth piece that fits snuggly around your mouth. Advertised as containing 89% oxygen (we normally breathe under 21% oxygen) the Big Ox claim it helps relieve stress, headaches, jetlag, and hangovers among other benefits.

It comes in 3.5 or 4.4 gram cans with flavours of Tropical Breeze, Polar Rush, Mountain Mint, and Citrus Blast. Since YaYa has already fulfilled my dream of eating the worlds largest gummi bear I think BigOx is next on my list to try :)

Til next time ......we eat!!



  1. omg at the giant gummi bear! lol the big ox sounds interesting. hey you should put multiple posts on your page instead of 1 post per page =P

  2. Trust the Americans to think up some crazy thing like that!

  3. Thanks for your comments Suze, still working out how to do this and will improve as we go. Love your site by the way which inspired us!