Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ribs & Rumps, North Ryde

Ribs & Rumps has always been the perfect place to dine when you haven't eaten for a week. I've been to the one in Gordon a couple of times before but this was the first time at North Ryde. Reason for visiting the restaurant, well we don't really need one now do we?

Ribs & Rumps North Ryde is situated in a business park on Talavera Road. It's easy to miss the turn in, so keep your eyes peeled. The restaurant itself, is L shaped with most of the seating area located outside under a canopy tent with clear plastic walls. The atmosphere is relaxed and filled with loud conversation and old music but not too much that you can't hear the people at your table. Compared to the Gordon store which was a Pizza Hut restaurant previously, North Ryde has much more elbow room in it's seating layout which is definitely needed for the large chopping block/serving plate that your meal comes on.

So the food thus enter stage left. Half a chicken and a rack of pork ribs done to perfection with a side of fries and optional creamy garlic sauce. The chicken was moist and marinated well, the pork ribs were soft and tender. The fries though less plentiful than in the past (not that there was a remote chance of finishing it anyway) were crunchy even when they had gone cold. The creamy garlic sauce was a undisclosed up sell and wasn't really worth $2.95, especially since they provide the table with tomato and HP sauce anyway.

The only unusual drink on offer was a South Australian, Bavarian styled larger, micro brewed by a wine maker in Clare Valley. Knappstein though suffering from a bit of a identity crisis, was light with fruity undertones and went well with the meal. Try it once, for sure. Try it twice, only if you can afford the $9 price tag.

Pet hates: Insufficient napkins, rowdy waiter that man handles the ladies in a loud, intended playful manner which really isn't, upselling on sauces and wines.

Pretty much all the meat on the menu is done in the same marinade but it's a great flavour so why bother with anything else. Unlike the Gordon store which on my last visit burnt the marinade and overcooked all the meat, North Ryde did a really good job and everyone was happy with what they got. In that respect I would definitely choose North Ryde over Gordon in the future because though it has it's flaws in service, the food is what it's really all about.


  1. Nice one Lobo. They can't skimp on the fries..R&R are know for overloading on the fries!! Shanks

  2. I really should NOT have looked at that photo before dinner time, so hungry!!!

  3. I am rather drawn to the name of this place! I recall seeing it in Manly and being very curious. Ugh the waiter sounds awful, I think he took the name too literally?!

  4. There's one thing that the waiter didn't take seriously and that was the dress code. Torn demin shorts should be banned! Especially in dining establishments.