Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Snack du Jour!

Tempura Seaweed! Who would have thought! I love tempura in Japanese restaurants and I love seaweed - both the health benefits and the taste! Little did I know that these two could combine to make a tasty snack that you can eat any time.

I bought these made in Thailand snacks at my local Chinese grocery store . They look a little like pork crackling and have a similar degree of crunch without the jaw breaking hardness. As I expected them to be greasy, too salty or too spicy for my taste, I only bought one pack.

Despite the promise of 25% more at the same price, when I opened the pack and all the air disappeared, the contents settled into the bottom third. So much for the promise! Ah, but once I took my first bite, I was hooked!

The saltiness of the seaweed combined with the sweetness of the tempura batter with added spices - for someone who is hooked on crispy snacks (hello potato chips, flavoured pita crackers, roasted chickpeas, wasabi peas, garlic broadbeans - not to mention the recently discovered wasabi edamame!) this is heaven!
There is a "spicy" version but the original flavour was spicy enough for me!
The pack disappeared quickly and the next day I had to buy three more. My only worry is, like most of these things, once you discover them, you also discover that they don't make them any more. There's one pack left on the rack at the grocery store, should I buy it ...?


  1. Yes buy the last packet! I have that fear too. I have a love hate relationship with limited edition items for the same reason :P

  2. *drools* seaweed snacks are so good! Japanese snacks are so good too! But it does seem like more and more Japanese snacks are being made in Thailand these days...

  3. Hey! Thanks for the encouragement! I did go and buy the very last pack. I also bought a pack of the spicy ones and discovered something else I hadn't seen before too. You'll see those reviews back here in the near future! Célébrez la consommation!