Monday, March 23, 2009

Chocolate Rocks!!

Which is Rock and which is Choc?...You decide.

I was shopping around for fillers for MiniB's birthday lolly bags looking through the masses of different varieties of easter eggs and novelty candy when I stumbled on a rock...a chocolate rock!!

I bet Willy Wonka would have invented these back in his hey-day. He probably would have paved his drive way with them :) These are made by Walkers Chocolates from the UK.

Similar to the sugar coated easter eggs (a close 2nd to my favourite caramel centred eggs), chocolate rocks have a hard but non-jaw-breaking outer shell with milk chocolate filling, and a white-hazelnut centre. I'm not sure exactly what the centre is made of and the packet was lacking any description of the candy. It definately had crushed hazel nuts and the consistency is similar to praline, only a bit harder in texture. What ever it was it was mighty tasty. :P The chocolate was also suprisingly smooth and chocolatey - not like your cheap sugary chocolate you would expect in such novelty confectionary.

Just when I finish uploading all my shots, the W finds that there is also a choc centre in the black nuggets - mmmm!!. We devoured the packet overnight - nom nom nom!!

There's also a Rum & Rasin version but they didn't look as interesting and I'm not a big fan of rasins. They looked like mouldy pond stones so I gave it a miss.

Oh, in case you were still wondering...the brown stone in the top picture was a real stone - ha ha hah!! Who said rocks were boring :P

Till next time....we eat!!



  1. ooh, that is so cool, great pics, miniB's gonna have a great time!

  2. Nice find. Are you sure the brown one was the real rock? Hope you still have all your teeth intact!

  3. Hehe I wouldn't have guessed the brown rock at all! :P

  4. Yeah, if you look in the back ground there's a few similar to the brown one - he he he!!

  5. These are cool. You could make an edible zen garden.

  6. Did I mention that I bought some and put them on a dish in our company's reception on April Fool's Day? People honestly thought the receptionist was eating rocks! He he!