Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Forthcoming Flavour Trends?

Are Australians ahead of the game on future flavour trends? I found this article on trends in recessionary eating in the US carried out by Chicago-based market research firm Mintel. It predicted growth of bread and peanut butter sales and more making coffee at home.

The article also highlighted flavours that will become more popular over the coming year, but examing the list, the flavours don't seem to be that exotic for Aussie shoppers. Taking into account it is looking at trends for the US market, the only non common item for us would be cactus and that is because we don't have a large Latin American population.

FLAVOR TRENDS in the US for 2009

1. Persimmon: Viewed as a unique and exotic fruit, persimmon is poised to make a major splash in food and beverage, blended with more common fruits.

2. Starfruit: Another unusually shaped, distinctly flavored fruit, starfruit is catching on around the globe.

3. Lavender: Mintel expects lavender to move beyond the home and personal care categories and into food and beverage.

4. Cactus: Cactus is already a popular food flavor in Latin America.

5. Chimichurri: Another classic from Latin America, chimichurri is a sauce for grilled meats, recognized for its clean, clear flavor.

6. Peri-Peri: The African hot sauce is growing in popularity.

7. Masala: An extension of the curry trend, the next Indian-inspired flavor will be masala

What do you think? Will we be finding lavender as ubiquitous as truffle oil used to be in Sydney restaurants?

But look what I found at a stand at the recent Easter Show: Chimichurri

A lovely South American blend of parsley, garlic and a little chilli. They recommend you adding it as a condiment to steaks and other meats but I've been using it as a spread on toast and adding it to a pasta sauce as a handy nut free pesto substitute.

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