Sunday, April 26, 2009

Re-re-wind, when the crowd say Ko-pi Lu-lu-lu-wak-wak...

Defecation is not a term commonly associated with food and one should probably avoid incorporating such practices anywhere near foodstuffs. Yet whilst the thought of consuming brown products formerly encased within fecal matter is inconceivable to most, could regurgitation produce a warmer response?

Weasel coffee, similar to Indonesian civet coffee, is derived from Vietnamese civets regurgitating remnants of ingested red coffee berries which are considered to be superior due to reductions in bitterness. The resulting beans are sterilised then lightly roasted for retaining flavour.

So, how to approach this? If one can consider the beans as merely reversing out of the civet's gastric garage then regurgitation is clearly the lesser
of two evils. No bowel movements necessary!

On this occasion the Weasel coffee made was produced by Edible. Whiffs from an opened packet revealed rich chocolate and caramel notes which was promising; a very different aroma compared with Arabica beans. One cup of long black (americano) was brewed using an Aeropress.

The drink itself was smooth with zero acidity, bitterness and aftertaste. However, it was disappointing that the chocolate-caramel tones never reappeared in either taste or smell unless they were just that subtle. Sugar was added for the decaf drinkers; the sweetness overpowering any original flavour.

Several espresso shots made from regular Arabica beans were added to the remaining cup and then churned to make coffee ice cream. Yum.

So.. civet coffee. Reject it, embrace it, either way there'll always be some nutter willing to try something not quite right. Your immune system may eventually thank you for it.


  1. Yum! Save me some of that ice cream yaya! The time I tried some of this coffee I thought the caramel undertones were quite evident. It surely is a smoother brew which is less bitter than other coffee beans. It's the only cuppa I can have as a black espresso.

    This reminds me of the Canadian 'moose droppings' we had once...

  2. Maybe we should try in your presso coffee maker, the coffee had the same butter and caramel aroma but I think the water went too fast through my aeropress because it didn't taste the same! Great post bisycl!