Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pick which is the UMBRELLA?

When is an umbrella, not an umbrella..? I am really enjoying the new influx of every day items in the shopts disguised as food. I've seen face washers folded up as slices of cake, and even sushi. I've seen Campbells soup cans disguised as doggie toys, lipgloss as cupcakes and now an umbrella trying to pass itself off as wine? I found my new little fancy at the local bins variety store for $14.95. You know how you wander into those stores with no list, and no real need for anything, and come out with $20 worth of stuff? That was my day today. One of the hotter days, pushing 40 degrees, so no need on the horizon for an umbrella...where was it when I was sloshing through a thunderstorm on my way to the Jenius book launch a few weeks back though? Wandering through the christmas tinsel and other bits and pieces, I took a double take when I spotted it. I loved the packaging, and although I don't need an umbrella TODAY, you can never have too many umbrellas, because they are so disposable these days, the turnover for me anyway, is prolific. So, I handed over my $15 and with my new purchase in my bag and a smile on my face I set off for home to trick the kids. They couldn't believe it looked so much like wine, (an easy audience really) I thought it looked more like balsamic, so we had a laugh and decided to put it up to see what it actually looked like (irrelevent as I bought it for its outside shallow!). We checked the VERY BASIC instructions, because, how hard is it to unfold an umbrella anyway? Well, it took me a full 5 minutes to get the folded ends unfolded and had to push it up and down more than a few times to finally get it up correctly, not inside out like it wanted to do! Once up I realised there is some very helpful (not) Chinese characters on the button, which most probably tell me that you simply "push this button and umbrella goes up easily!". I can't verify that, as I don't read Chinese, but it gave me a giggle anyway imaging what it said...."voila!"perhaps? "easy as 1,2,3? perhaps? Who knows. I was also pleased that it was a very patriotic Australian flag inspired print. Something I would be more than pleased to weather a storm carrying, I was thinking that perhaps it could have been a bit more foodie themed? No matter, its funny and cute, and highly entertaining. (Yes, I'm easily entertained!! ha ha). I got mine from Bins Variety store at Chatswood Mall, just near the railway station. I think its a fun foodie gift, perfect for a food bloggers christmas party kris kringle?


  1. So clever! Was it hard to fold up and put back in the bottle?

  2. No! It was easier to put away than put up. He he. Every foodie should have one.

  3. What a great Kris Kringle idea! Was lovely to meet you on Sunday and glad I've found your blog - so I've passed on my Over The Top Award to you - please head over to my blog to collect it!