Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cupcakes for Food Bloggers

(Party Time!!)

To all my fellow Food Bloggers out there, to all that enjoy reading food blogs, to all who have a passion for food, to all people who eat food, come and share some cyberspace cake with me.

Why you ask?

Because it's my Birthday!!

(Ma Birthday Cake)

Mrs Shanks (aka Shankette, formerly known as 'The W') has been so inspired after successful cake decorating attempts for MiniB's birthday cakes and The Cupcake Gallery's cupcake workshop that she wanted to make my birthday cake this year.

(The weapons of The Food Blogger)

She was stumped on a theme for the cake as she's previously only made designs that would suit a 2 year old girl. A light bulb flicked on and what better than to pay homage to one of my most favorite past times ... Food Blogging.

(Food Blogger Frenzy)

Not only did she create my weapons of mass food blogging, but she included an 8-course degustation. From the design stage to the finished product it took her roughly 1 week, bearing in mind that she only spent a few hours a day in front of the tv, and had so much fun making them!!

(Meat & 3 Vege)

(Roast Chook with carrots)

(Salmon Nigiri)

(Say Cheese, Pizza)

Course 1-4 [front to back]:
(Roast Chicken, Steak & Vege, Pizza, Salmon Nigiri)

Course 5-8 [front to back]:
(Lemon Meringue Pie, Birthday cupcake, Gyoza and Spaghetti & Meatballs )

(My 8-course Birthday degustation menu)

Many thanks to my better half, Shankette for my awesome birthday cakes. You doubted your creativity...but look what you have created - Wow!!

Till next time ... we eat!!



  1. HEHE lOVE EM. so cute. too good to eat :-)

  2. squee so freaking awesome im dying from cute overload! happy birthday dude!

  3. Mrs Shanks outdid herself! The photos perfectly capture what they looked like in real life and as much as they looked too good to eat, they tasted great as well. Can't wait to see what you do next! :D

  4. OMG these are to die for! So miniature, so CUTE!! I can't decide which of the mini foods I like best because they're all making me squeal in delight :D

    Happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday Shanks! Mrs Shanks has outdone herself, these are exquisite decorations and having eaten a cupcake, the chocolate fudginess was outstanding too!

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I'm booked in for the workshop and can't WAIT to make little horsie ones for my gal. Mrs've done it again!

  7. Oh My God, they are totally AWESOME, love the cameras and lap top, think they are my fave. The food ones totally rock as well.

    Happy birthday Shanks and Shankette you should be extremely proud of your creations, they are amazing!!

  8. Seriously too beautiful to eat. Mrs Shanks, you're very talented! And Mr Shanks, happy belated birthday!

  9. Oh I LOVE THEM! They are so brilliant! The little touches are just so perfect. Bravo! Happy Birthday! :D

  10. Beautiful, beautiful. I love all the intricate little 'bits' - and thanks for letting me share you birthday Mr Shanks... well done.

  11. omg these are so awesome. I don't think i've have been able to eat them - they're so cute! I love the camera but for some reason the legs on that chicken amuse me most. lol.

    ps. my verification word is 'blogiers'!

  12. Haha these look awesome! I love the tiny camera! Happy belated birthday!

  13. Happy birthday and well done to Ms Shanks for the brilliant cupcakes. The detail is amazing - did you keep some for posterity?

  14. Awww...happy belated birthday! These are gorgeous. Love all the things that can be done with royal icing by those with a creative streak and nimble fingers.

    Just wish that my taste buds would like the taste of it more =p

  15. Late to the party but these look bloody awesome! Happy Bday.

  16. Thanks for you comments everyone, I've passed them on to Shankette which I'm sure has encouraged her to create more designs - A win for us all!!

    Hi Simon, Thanks. It was hard but we did eat them all :)

    Hi Suze, Thanks glad I could give you shot of cute :D

    Hi Karen, Cheers. I ended up squealing for the meat and 3 vege :)

    Hi Yaya, the extra fudginess was due to excess fudge added to fill in the flaws :)

    Hi HB, You're gonna have so much fun at the workshop!! Are you doing 2D or 3D?

    Hi Sara, Thanks. I love the laptop too which was a late addition to set :)

    Hi Foodwink, Thanks for stopping by. They were good eye candy but a plus that they tasted good too :)

    Hi Lorraine. Thanks. They were so fun to make even though my contribution was just kneaded the colours in. :)

    Hi Anna, Thanks. Too bad I can only share the cakes via cyberspace ;)

    Hi Helen, Ha ha ha ... You always had a thing for chicken legs!! How funny was your verification :D

    Hi Maria, Thanks. We found that the simpler you keep the design for the camera the more detailed it looked :)

    Hi Belle, Thanks. Ha ha...Unfortunately none survived for posterity..we'll always have the memories, and the photos :)

    Hi Mademoiselle, Thanks. It's amazing what people can do with fondant. No need to taste it when you've got eye candy :)

    Hi Howard. Cheers mate they tasted bloody good too :D

  17. Omg! omg! Mrs Shanks has the most amazing lady touch girlfriend! Those decorations are so intricate and detailed! Too good to eat!! Not mention is foodblogger degustation menu cupcakes! Dang! You go girlfriend! And Happy belated birthday! Hope you see you guys at the Spring Picnic!!! AND I DEMAND THESE CUPCAKES!!!! hahahaha

  18. happy birthday! these cakes are amazing, Mrs Shanks did a fantastic job! the detail in the decorations is awesome, especially those tiny tiny peas!

  19. Happy belated birthday!! The cupcakes are too cute for words!!

  20. Hi Billy, Thanks for the twitter. Better watch out on what you Demand ... :)

    Hi Penny, Thanks and Yay, I think you're our first Melbourne comment. :)

    Hi Jacq, Thanks. Believe it or not the peas were one of the easiest parts to make. :D

  21. Whoa! Saw these cupcakes posted on Billy's write-up on the Sydney Mad Hatters picnic. These are seriously awesome!!!

  22. Love love love, super love!!!!
    Happy birthday! These cupcakes are so cute:)