Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bacco Pasticceria

The girls at work brought some cakes and pastries in to celebrate a colleague's birthday and invited me to sample some of the treats. One taste and I knew I had to find out where these delectables came from.
The answer is a new coffee shop, wine bar and bakery called Bacco located on the ground floor of the office building at 2 Chifley Square. It actually sits in the foyer of the building and has quickly built up a large following, being extremely busy each time I've walked past. The day I bought one of their large rolls for lunch, I spotted one of the pastry chefs ladelling a filling into dozens of tiny chocolate shells, I wish I had my camera with me at that moment!

Today, I decided to sample some of their pastries, I selected a lemon meringue tart and an intriguingly named millefeuille (or whatever the Italian equivalent is called) that had been flavoured with lavender. They were both called much fancier names that I can't remember at the moment and their website is still under construction so I can't check up but regardless of the name, the quality stands out like a beacon.

The lavender in the custard of the millefeuille was very delicately applied, you had to concentrate to detect it but it was there and it made a difference. The pastry was crisp and delicate and not overly sugared so you could eat the treat without ending up with a sugar moustache!
The curd in the tart was rich and lemony without being too sickly sweet and the blowtorched meringue was creamy but roughened with the tiny grit of sugar granules which contrasted nicely with the creaminess of the curd, all sitting on a crisp pastry shell that indicated lots of butter and sugar had been used by an expert hand. All topped with a tiny shard of toffee...sigh.
Definitely a winner this round but haven't tried the Danish pastries, the beautiful delicate pots of tiramisu and zuppe anglaise (Italian for English trifle), the brownies, the chocolates that I haven't seen since that first sighting and we haven't even started on the range of lunchtime sandwiches, rolls and mini pizzas yet. I'll be back!


  1. OOh thanks for posting about this place! It's more centrally located than other pasticcerias so I have more of a chance to try their goodies! :)

  2. i have yet to tried anything lavender scented that tastes great...i should go on searching around my hood...

  3. Looks like the Taste Sensation predictions are coming in with the lavendar.
    Be back soon to blog on the Danish - I love danish!!

  4. haha, thanks NQN, looking forward to your posts!

    Hi Rita, lovely to hear from you, I love following your food adventures in HK especially when I am learning more about Indonesian food!

    You got it Shanks, will be checking it out soon!

  5. Gosh, that lavender millefeuille is worth checking out! I've been there for drinks at night, and it's very nice.

  6. Oohh toffee shard on the lemon meringue ^^! I want meringue nooowww XD

  7. Thanks Belle, I must try the wine bar one night too!

    Hi FFichiban, the meringue was creamy rather than being crunchy on the outside, it was lovely, the toffee was not plain old toffee, it had a mysteriously pleasant flavour added that I couldn't quite work out, maybe like a lemon or orange oil in it, hope someone else can try it and see, btw, found my receipt and the millefeuille is called a Lavanda Sfloglia!

  8. i think i've tried all the cakes now at Bacco and Lemon Tart is one of my favourites too. I'm hoping they do a mini Raspberry Tart one day but the strawberry one is pretty good as it stands. here's the ones I've tried