Monday, May 18, 2009

When Raw Fish+Wasabi Does Not=Sushi!

From a distance, it looked like sushi but what on earth was it doing in a pack hanging off a hook?

So I had to have a closer look and when I did, I discovered they were Salmon & Wasabi Sushi Flavoured Potato Chips!

Well everyone knows I love potatoes and I love sushi. However, while I tolerate wasabi in miniscule amounts (as an enhancement rather than a smothering!) I wouldn't go out of my way to add it to non-sushi items (wasabi peas and soy beans being the exception!).

So it was with some trepidation and caution that a few of us opened the packaging only to find ... another packet within!
Of course you learned readers will tell me that it is obvious to you what was going on here but we had to turn the outer packaging over and read the fine print. Unfortunately it was all in Japanese! Thank goodness for pictograms - the universal language!

We did as they suggested (yes, no surprise there, the contents settled into the bottom third as soon as the pack was opened - sigh!) and poured the inner pack into the outer pack, then shook the separate little packet of wasabi powder all over the chips.

To get a better look at the result, we tipped them onto a plate and sampled.
If you close your eyes, apart from the crispness, they definitely tasted like sushi. Whether you could say it was salmon in a blind taste test I'm not so sure.

The chip itself was crispy and dry, not greasy and the wasabi wasn't too "biting" and made for quite a nice flavour. I'm not sure that this product is going to steal hordes of consumers away from its nearest competitor (I'm thinking chilli & sour cream) but for something a little out of the ordinary, I'd buy them again. Just don't invite a huge crowd around! : D


  1. How bizarre! I'm going to try them. I love sushi and wasabi..and chips.

  2. I'll put my hand up as being the said "huge crowd". Guilty as charged. They were indeed addictive.

    Put me down for a couple of bags if you go hunting again. =))

  3. I found some today and they were great! I loved the wasabi, it was subtle and I wanted more. Yum Yum.