Friday, May 8, 2009

Lunch on the run....! What else could you want from a quick work lunch? Chilli Cha Cha Thai Restaurant in Campbell Street Sydney has all that!

I'd noticed this restaurant on numerous trips to visit one of my biggest clients near Central. Walking quickly between appointments, it always caught my eye as a fun, bright place, standing out from the other dreary fast food joints in that area.

I had squirrelled away a menu on one trip a couple of weeks ago, meaning to go back when I had the opportunity. I had the chance. An appointment for a quick work lunch in the area, and the client, to my great delight, suggested....Chilli cha cha! I was cool, but firm in my agreeance! GOOD CHOICE.

The restaurant is tiny, it was 1pm and there was only 2 tiny seats with stools to choose from. Happy diners all eating away at delicious looking lunches. Then..the lunch specials list was given....aaahhhhhh. Such a choice for under 10 bucks. My client chose prawn pad thai...I went with the Kanar Moo pork belly, chinese broccoli, garlic with rice. All I can say is MMMMMMMM !

It came QUICK. It was a good size, certainly enough for a hungry gal like myself to feel satisfied with. Now, I'll admit, I'm not a small girl, and I do have a healthy appetite....yeah, it hit the spot alright.

Nicely presented by a happy waitress. A bowl-shaped dome of rice, small pieces of pork belly, next to a luscious pile of green (chinese broccoli). Not choi sum..but leafy greens. All topped with diagonal, vibrant red, cut chilli (more about that later).

I tried the pork belly first....oh....oh.....oh.....yum. Crispy, tasty, delicious! Rice..well, it was just nice rice. Greens...well, they were just nice greens...the combo of the three was delightful. Now, about those chillies. Anyone that knows the happy blogger, knows I could talk under water with a mouth full of marbles..and I was on a business lunch of the talking was all up to moi. Now, I never shirk at my talk away I did. HOWEVER, at a particularly pertinent point, I inhaled in excitement, and with it I inhaled a chunk of chilli! EEK. The repercussions were theatrical.

Water, tears, coughing, loss of voice. It took a minute to recover, a few more mouthfuls of pork belly more and I was right as rain.

As it is an eat it and beat it style of place..we finished our business, finished our lunch, shook hand and skipped of merrily into Friday afternoon. AND..only $9 lighter for the experience.

I can't wait to do business down that end of town again! There is always the Duck curry to try.........

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