Sunday, May 3, 2009

Central Coast Leagues Club Star Buffet

There's nothing more exciting than sussing out a new buffet especially as one as good value as
found at the Star Family Buffet Restaurant located inside the Central Coast Leagues Club in Gosford. Thanks to a recommendation from J's friend we decided to celebrate Mothers' Day a week early and took our mothers to check out the Star lunch buffet. $19.90 per adult on a Sunday ($13.50 during the rest of the week and up to $21.90 for the seafood dinner buffet).

The variety and quality of the food was extremely reasonable given that the fee was for an all you can eat experience! I'm afraid I'm not the type of person who tries to stuff myself at a buffet, I just can't do it and not feel nauseous at the end of the meal! However, I have no objections to trying a little of everything on offer, just a little or sharing something to taste and spread the calories around!

The clever restaurant managers have created half a dozen different stations representing various types of foods so there is no queueing and lots of room to move from one area to another.

I could see a drinks station, a huge dessert bar, a bar for alcoholic drinks, an enclosed Asian barbecued meats stand offering gorgeous roast duck and roast pork with crackling!

There were separate hot and cold entree stands with the usual spring rolls and cooked prawns but there were also deep fried crab's claws (okay, as soon as we bit into them, the level of crab detected was downgraded to just a trace of flavour additive), scallops mornay and mussels on the half shell.

You have to give them marks for trying, there were tiny halved avocadoes with prawns and a seafood sauce, individual barbecued prawns on a skewer, whole breaded sardines, sticky rice stuffed into bamboo shoots and a whole steamed salmon!

I'm afraid the cold weather led me to filling up on the forbidden carbs and my godson helped me to more pasta than I really needed so the plate was looking a bit beige but that's what happens when I don't find novelty and new taste sensations, I go for comfort!

The dessert bar held at least a dozen (healthy and sinful) choices, linzer torte, pavlova, bread and butter pudding, apple streudel, apple crumble, tiramisu cake, strawberry mousse cake, opera cake, fruit salad, tiny pots of pannacotta, a fudgey truffle cake and three different types of homemade biscuits!

And all in tiny portions so you can try lots without feeling too guilty so no one except the kids felt bad about the softserve machine not working.

Tea and coffee is included and you can purchase an endless cup of softdrink for $2.

On the whole, great value for money especially if there are a lot of mouths to feed and you're looking to satisfy a lot of different tastes.

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  1. Was one of the better buffets I've been to.
    Have to admit I was guilty on the carbs too. Good day though and worth the trip :)